Sourabhi Dutta Roy
MA (English)
Loreto College
University of Calcutta

To the darkness within me
How are you?
To the monsters within me
What are your tales?
To the vast ocean engulfing me
Why can't you quiet down?

The anger that embroil
The peace nowhere to be found
The relentless chaos
How do I calm these monsters within me?

"My Love", says my fragile heart, "you are a beautiful storm"
A Madness
"Why do you fight these monsters?"

"Villains", you say, "Monsters"
But these are the monsters that make me feel something. Anything.
To the me that is lost, best believe:
One day, I will finally be in love with the monsters within me.

Maybe one day, Someday
The world will understand why Persephone chose to stay with Hades
That it wasn't just a trick of the pomegranate seeds.
That day, the King of Shadows will smile from his gothic steel
And the monsters within me would be free to love, but never tamed.

Maybe one day, Someday
The world will see what a mystic colour Red is
For you never know whether you are drizzled with Love or soaked in Blood.
That day, I too shall be the Spring and the Winter
The one to whom the Spring bends and Death himself pales.