The Delayed Inference


Tithi Roy
Bachelors In English
Graduated From Rani Birla Girls’ College

A standing rock, an unmoving soul
Observing the abundance; the rushing crowd,
I just stand still, all progressing steps

Like a thickened evergreen canopy
I draw myself in a shroud
No light, no air enough to
Reach the asphyxiated black hole.

Dreams lay scattered untouched
Painted with a tint of red
The red of death, the red of end
The red of the burning ashes in me

For you, I depict hopelessness,
Loss of self, loss of path
A dreamless, aimless existence.
You see me in a light where
Expectations are marred by reality.

I see me in a globule of wealth
The wealth I gather not being a part
Of the maddening rushing world.
I’ll turn your look of sympathy
Into one of significant reverence.
Not like a phoenix will I rise
From Hell, I’ll rise like Satan.